Tuition & Financial Aid

2021-2022 TUITION

Tuition Tuition Protection Plan*
Primary Half-day: 3 to 4 years
$ 474.00
Primary Full day: Kindergarten $14,791.00 $ 665.00
Lower Elementary: Grades 1 to 3 $ 16,629.00 $748.00
Upper Elementary: Grades 4 to 6 $ 16,629.00 $ 748.00
Middle School: Grades 7 to 8 $ 18,349.00 $ 826.00

Enrollment Deposit – $750.00 per student Application Fee – $75.00 per applicant
*Required for monthly payment option; half is required for semi-annual payment plan; optional for annual payment.


Financial assistance is available. Families who do not currently have children enrolled at the school must complete the admission process and be accepted for the current or upcoming school year prior to applying for financial assistance. Once a child is accepted to MSSA, you may submit your application for financial assistance through FACTS.  Any family with children currently enrolled in the school is also eligible to participate in the financial assistance process. The school will consider the refund of deposits and other enrollment related fees should an award be less than the amount indicated by FACTS.