Vision, courage, and some element of good luck were all factors in the school’s move from Trafalgar Street to Rogers Ranch in 2000. School leaders were resolute to create a campus with room to grow. The school’s main building contains 14 Montessori classrooms, four rooms for music, art, and foreign language, and numerous smaller breakout rooms for small group and individual instruction. One cannot reach any room at MSSA without passing through the school’s busy and vibrant library, its physical and symbolic hub of learning.

Montessori library

“The greatest strengths of MSSA are the individualized education plans for each student, the genuine love of learning fostered in each child, and the caring, compassionate environment of the school community. The children are taught from the very beginning to have respect for themselves, to respect others, and to be courteous to everyone.”


Student teacher conference
Montessori campus