Board of Trustees

Getting to Know the 2018-2019 MSSA Board of Trustees

With 16 members from a variety of professional backgrounds, but all with a common passion for MSSA and Montessori education, your Board of Trustees meets regularly with Head of School Chuck Raymer and MSSA Business Manager, Ralph Huber. The primary work of the Board of Trustees is to ensure and protect the long-term welfare and interest of the school and its mission. Each Trustee holds office for one or two three-year terms, not to exceed 6 years. Specific committees outlined in the Board By-Laws allow members to focus on specific objectives. These committees include: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Institutional Advancement Committee, Committee on Trustees and other committees created as needed (Security, Policy Review, Building, etc.). Board Members include: 10 current parents—with 16 current students and 6 Alumni parents—with 13 MSSA graduates (spanning a total of 17 years).

Photo – Top Row: Bryan Mendenhall, Chuck Raymer, Sam Mehta, Marco Sepulveda Third Row: Bill Hall, Brenna Nava, Carol Dixon, Sana Yassin Second Row: Brandy Czar, Annete Evanson, Jessie Stanco, Norma Luna Front Row: Tracy Ayers, Sophie Bardy Not pictured: Blake Kopplin, Javier Trevino, Simone Norris


Tracy Ayers
Board Chair


Sophie Bardy
Board Vice Chair


Carol Dixon
Institutional Advancement Chair


Annette Evanson
Committee on Trustees Chair


Bryan Mendenhall
Finance Chair


Jessie Stanco

Brandy Czar
Bill Hall
Blake Kopplin
Norma Luna
Sam Mehta
Brenna Nava
Simone Norris
Marco Sepulveda
Javier Trevino
Sana Yassin

MSSA Board Mission Statement

To ensure the institution remains financially strong for our children’s children and to preserve and actively support the school in the realization of its mission.

School Mission Statement

At The Montessori School of San Antonio, we guide children to be passionate learners, independent thinkers, and engaged citizens.