When, after a career in traditional schools, I accepted the opportunity to lead the Montessori School of San Antonio, I had to challenge some of my long-held assumptions about education. One of those was the structure of the traditional school day, broken into short periods, dedicated to one subject at a time, and largely consumed by a lesson directed toward a class as a whole.

Time works differently in a Montessori school. Here we build the school schedule with long, uninterrupted work periods during which learning happens in depth and on broad arcs. Students do not proceed with a topic or subject until necessary mastery is accomplished to take on the next challenge. When a teacher gives a lesson to a Montessori student, she opens a pathway down which the student will travel independently and with persistence. It is not by accident that in many Montessori schools teachers are referred to as “guides.”


Our teachers come to MSSA from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. MSSA requires Montessori training through Upper Elementary; Middle School teachers are required to have subject-specific education, experience, and expertise. All are expected to embrace each child’s uniqueness and cultivate his or her natural desire to learn. The Montessori School of San Antonio is a joyful place to learn because it is a joyful place to teach.


Chuck Raymer
Head of School

“We have been at MSSA for six years and choose to stay at MSSA because it is the best environment for our children to explore their curiosity, reach their full potential, and master subjects at their own pace. Our children have thrived at MSSA and are thrilled to go to school every day.”




Chuck Raymer, Head of School
Emily Lund, Assistant Head of School
Ralph Huber, Business Manager
Rachel Obermeier, Upper Division Director
Patty Escobedo, Director of Childcare
Brendon Ottmers, Director of Facilities
Kimberly Gomez, LVN, Health Services Coordinator
Laura Yarbrough, Business Office Assistant
Patricia Benson, Administrative Assistant
Francesca Creamer, Receptionist
Jennifer Hopkins, Director of Community Relations


Cheri Sebring, Lead Teacher
Judy Korge, Assistant Teacher
Janet Moro, Lead Teacher
Kristina Richards, Assistant Teacher
Angie Jones, Lead Teacher
Vera Shoho, Assistant Teacher
Libby Brocard, Lead Teacher
Laura Darnell, Assistant Teacher
Sumi Chaudhuri, Lead Teacher
Ray Myles, Assistant Teacher


Peter Sebring, Lead Teacher
Cynthia Mullet, Assistant Teacher
Page Judson, Lead Teacher
Donna Hengst, Assistant Teacher
Maria Flores, Lead Teacher
Lynn Ortiz, Assistant Teacher
Teresa Treat, Lead Teacher
Shannon Pettit, Assistant Teacher

John Pettit, Lead Teacher
Cassandra Trevino, Assistant Teacher
Anne Shadle, Lead Teacher
Judi Abbott, Assistant Teacher
Megan Ditto, Lead Teacher
Maru Galarza, Assistant Teacher


Shauna Cardenas, Teacher
Josh Duelm, Teacher
Julie Hartung, Teacher
Christine Noel, Teacher


Karol Antrim, Librarian
Lisa Christal, Library Assistant
Becca Morgan, Music Teacher
Michelle Taylor, Music Teacher
Leticia Obregon, Athletic Director
Brenda Estrada, PE Teacher
Louis Alvarado, PE Teacher
Jessica Rivera, Spanish Teacher
Vilma Flores, Spanish Assistant
Margo McCarthy, Art Teacher
Marisa Andreu, Materials Maker/Substitute


Patty Escobedo, Director of Childcare
Nancy Salazar, Primary Childcare Coordinator
Nancy Alvarado, Primary Childcare Assistant
Sandra Alvarado, Elementary Childcare Coordinator

Taylor Wallace, Elementary Childcare Assistant

Teacher at Montessori SA with a student
One on one teaching in Montessori School classroom
joyful place to teach
Hands on learning Montessori School SA
Guided teaching
gives a lesson to a Montessori student