Athletic Programs

The goal of The Montessori School’s athletics program is for each child to have the opportunity to experience individual accomplishment, teamwork, and the value of sportsmanship. The school provides guidance and training for personal wellness as well as a venue for athletic competition. These opportunities go hand in hand with academic pursuits to create well-rounded, productive individuals who are healthy in both body and mind.

All athletic activities are offered on the MSSA campus, except for tennis which is held at the Club of Sonterra. Athletic club offerings are in-house programs; in these, students do not compete.


The Independent Schools Athletic League (I.S.A.L.) is comprised of 19 schools in San Antonio and the surrounding area. The ISAL is dedicated to providing quality athletics in order to help prepare young people for a life of integrity and character. Students in grades 5 to 8 are eligible to participate, unless otherwise specified.

San Antonio Christian Athletic League (S.A.C.A.L.) primary goal is to bring families together in a positive atmosphere where recreational habits and skills are promoted and developed in young men and women. Fellowship, good sportsmanship, and personal dignity are the ultimate objective, to winning or losing.

St. Luke’s 6th Grade League (SLES) was founded with the mission of assisting 6th graders in successfully transitioning to Middle School basketball (7th and 8th grade). The primary objective is to develop the student’s skills and understanding of the game in a competitive environment.

Primary Level Lower Elementary Upper Elementary Middle School offerings
Competitive Soccer (S.A.C.A.L) Competitive Soccer (S.A.C.A.L)) Competitive Soccer (I.S.A.L) Competitive Soccer (I.S.A.L)
Golf Golf Competitive Basketball (SLES) Competitive Volleyball (S.A.C.A.L.)
TOTS Jump Rope Competitive Volleyball (S.A.C.A.L) Competitive Basketball (SLES)
Fun N Fit Girls Fun N Fit Girls Competitive Track (I.S.A.L) Competitive Track (I.S.A.L)
Tennis at Club of Sonterra Tennis at Club of Sonterra Golf Golf
Soccer Club Soccer Club Jump Rope Tennis at Club of Sonterra
Swim School Flag Football Club Tennis at Club of Sonterra Soccer Club
Basketball Club Baseball Club Soccer Club Flag Football Club
Fencing Flag Football Club Baseball Club
Basketball Club Baseball Club Fencing
Running Club Volleyball Club Basketball Club
Swim School Fencing Running Club
Volleyball Club Basketball Club Volleyball Club
Group-X Training Running Club Group-X Training
Swim School
Group-X Training

“We feel that MSSA set our children on a path to make significant contributions in whatever life path they choose.”


“We have two children at MSSA with very different personalities – one outgoing and friendly, the other shy and reserved. At MSSA, we have watched both children blossom and grow in ways we couldn’t imagine.”


“Our daughter is doing scientific research in the third grade that I did in advanced science classes in late high school. At MSSA, she learns that the sky is the limit and her curiosity can take her anywhere.”