Learning Spaces

With high ceilings, abundant natural light, and large footprints, MSSA classrooms are optimized to work in tandem with the school’s educational philosophy. The school is designed for open flow from one area to the next and a sense of belonging to the community as a whole.

Learning at MSSA is not restricted to classrooms or the library, as spaces around the main building turn the outdoors into a laboratory of limitless possibilities. Any given moment of the school day may find students tending classroom gardens or engaged in study on the nature trail. Recreational space abounds as well: MSSA’s campus features a gymnasium with performance stage, an outdoor ball court, large open areas for physical education and play, separate playgrounds for Primary and Elementary, and a regulation soccer field.

“The teachers, along with the overarching principle of the love of learning, come together in a community, a village, to raise happy, healthy, creative, compassionate, connected, generous, kind, loving, and productive citizens of the world.”


“Every day our children are thrilled to go to school. They feel safe in their environment, surrounded by nature, respect, courtesy, and the encouragement to ask questions, explore new realms, and think outside the box.”