Back to School Frequently Asked Questions


With the first day of school quickly approaching, many new and veteran families have questions about the upcoming year. While the Back to School Guide is a great resource, here are some answers to other questions. 

Q1: What if we are unable to attend MYMSSA Day?

Some families may not be able to attend MYMSSA Day. Please stop by the school after August 17 but before August 24 to receive your registration materials. The packet contains class placement, meeting times, and car tags for new families. If you cannot pick up the materials before the start of school, the packet will be sent home with your child on August 24.

Q2: When will we receive our school supply list, and is there a dress code?

MSSA provides all needed materials for the classroom.  Everything from pencils to paper will be available for students at all levels.  Middle schoolers will need a backpack, and we ask that all students bring a labeled water bottle daily.

MSSA does not require the wearing of uniforms. Instead, we have a dress code that allows students to have a sense of personal choice while reflecting a courteous and non-distracting demeanor. 

In Primary: Clothing should be neat and clean. Pants and shorts with elastic waistbands help facilitate independent restroom use. Clothing with distracting graphics, words, brand names, logos or cartoon images are discouraged. Shirts or dresses that can expose the midriff should not be worn to school, and shorts can be worn under dresses and skirts for gross motor movement. Footwear should be athletic or soft-soled closed-toe shoes that allow for physical activity and safety.  Footwear with no heel strap, Crocs, boots with heels, flip-flops, thongs, clogs, mules, “heely” roller shoes, and shoes with lights are not allowed. Hats are to be worn outdoors. Jewelry is discouraged and tattoos, stickers, and glitter on bodies or clothing are not allowed. 

In Elementary and Middle School: Clothing should be neat and clean, and fit properly in length and size. Undergarments should not be visible. Shirts or dresses that can expose the midriff should not be worn to school. Clothing with distracting graphics, words, brand names, logos, or cartoon images are discouraged. Hats are to be worn outside.  Footwear should be soft-soled shoes or sandals with heel straps, and athletic shoes are required for P.E. and music.  Students may not bring make-up to apply at school; tattoos, stickers, and glitter on bodies or clothing are not allowed. 

Q3: Will I be able to walk my child into their classroom on the first day of school?

No. Because a prolonged goodbye is difficult, we do not allow families to walk a child to the classroom. However, we understand that it can be difficult for parents and young children to separate at the beginning of a school year, as they each feel a bit nervous when they leave one another in a new situation. If this is your child’s first year at MSSA, we encourage you to attend MYMSSA Day where your child can become familiar with the school, visit the classroom, and meet their teachers. In general, a short, positive goodbye is easiest for the child. Please know the teachers and assistants are very experienced in helping children through these situations and will speak about this at the Parent/Teacher Orientation. 

We recommend you reassure your child about where you will be during the day and when you will pick them up. Some children may be apprehensive for a while during the first few days, but reassurance and positive parental attitudes usually alleviate fears.

Q4: How will the door buzzer work at the front door?

If a parent is visiting the campus or picking up a child during the school day, the parent will be cleared through the parking security booth and buzzed in by the receptionist upon arrival. Once you have entered the school, checking in through SchoolPass will be required. If a child is leaving campus for an appointment, please plan accordingly; plan to come into the building and allow approximately 10 minutes to complete the checkout process.

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