MSSA Car Tags

Parent Car Tags

For the safety of students and staff, all vehicles entering campus are required to have a car tag. Each family receives two car tags. If a child has two households, the family will receive two sets.


Each family receives two car tags at no cost. Families wishing to purchase additional car tags may do so for $5.50 each. 

Parking Permit FAQ

When do car tags expire?

Parent car tags are issued for one school year that expire at the end of the term.

Can I buy additional tags?

Yes, additional car tags may be purchased for $5.50. Click the button above to request additional tags. 

Where do we place it?

Place the sticker on the windshield on the passenger side, away from the radius of the windshield wipers. 
(example photo coming soon)

What if someone else needs to pick up my child?

Parents may purchase additional tags for other drivers, or alternate drivers may use the primary parent’s tag.

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