Eighth Grade MMUN trip

by Josh Duelm

Fourteen middle school eighth-graders from MSSA traveled to New York last week to experience the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) conference as a delegate.  They met hundreds of peers from around the world, toured NYC, and even took in a Broadway play!

To prepare for this moment, students researched their country & committee topics in order to roleplay as ambassadors to the United Nations.  The weekly MMUN class served as a conduit for their learning journey into the world of diplomacy, formal debate, negotiation, and resolution writing in an effort to confront and solve global challenges.  At the MMUN conference, all of our students participated with passion, grace, and a commendable spirit of diplomacy.  

I am pleased to announce that over half of our delegates were formally recognized by their Chairs and fellow delegates as a Distinguished Delegate!  Only three students from each committee topic are bestowed with such an honor.  To be a Distinguished Delegate, students must demonstrate powerful leadership and public speaking skills as well as contribute thoughtfully to the committee’s work on solving global issues.  

The seven Distinguished Delegates for MMUN 2022 are:

  • Haya representing Russia in DISEC discussing nuclear disarmament policy
  • Valentina representing Russia in DISEC discussing space satellite policy
  • Kaela representing Russia in EcoFin discussing climate change policy
  • Ruby representing Russia in EcoFin discussing renewable energy policy
  • Dylan representing Liberia in Sochum discussing policies to combat racism
  • Guiliana representing Russia in Sochum global literacy policy
  • Harini representing Niger in WHO discussing healthcare policy

The MMUN conference is unique and unlike other model UN conferences because it more accurately reflects the authentic ways UN diplomats debate and adopt solutions.  The focus is to reach true consensus (100% consensus); this requires patience, compromise, empathy, and creative thinking.

These esteemed delegates represented themselves and MSSA with decorum and honor.  All of the middle school eighth-graders proved to themselves and the world that they truly are the changemakers and builders of not only tomorrow but of today.  It fills my soul to know that the future is in such capable hands.  Congratulations delegates!

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