Ms. Judy Day

Written By Judy Korge

I began working for MSSA in 2001 as a Primary Assistant for Cheri Sebring and as an After-School Director for ages 10-14. By 2002 I became interested in motor development and became the JMS Motor Skills Coordinator. The program was designed to develop purposeful, joyful, and imaginative movement in students ages 3-6. A typical Motor Skills lesson was 20 minutes long and included a three-minute warm-up, three skill activities at rotating stations, and a creative cooperative game reinforcing a motor skill.


Primary students participated in Motor Skills five days a week. The sessions were conducted by the primary classroom assistants who I also trained.


Today we have Coaches Lou and Brenda who teach and oversee the primary motor development for our MSSA community. My love for physical fitness continued but on a smaller scale, allowing me to focus on Cheri’s and my classroom instead. Interestingly, before we had a gym on rainy days, I would walk students up the stairs to the west reading room for Motor Skills. We also met on the porch, at the playground and even in Ms. Patty’s room to name just a few places.


A few years ago, Cheri came up with the name “Ms. Judy Day.” Ms. Judy day happens on most Wednesdays from 10:30-11:00 for the half-day students and 11:45-12:10 for full-day students. Teaching Motor Skills over the years is exciting and a definite bright spot not only to me but to the students in our classroom and beyond. I believe, Motor Skills prepares our students for a lifetime of healthy movement and learning.



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