Reflections From Teaching At MSSA By Coach O

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching here at MSSA, going on fifteen years.  I get asked all the time from new families or people not familiar with MSSA- what is one thing that impresses me most about our school? Here is always my answer:  It is not unusual for one to have a special connection to their high school or college. It’s uncommon for someone to reflect and think of their elementary/middle school years.  Here it is different.

  MSSA has touched so many lives

and has set students up for success that they come back and stay connected with their teachers even into adulthood.  This speaks volumes for our school.  Education is for a lifetime,  but what MSSA does is takes it a step further, and we are also a family for a lifetime.  These past few months have been challenging and have required us to think outside the box. Connection and support for our students, whether in-school or remote, have been of utmost importance.  These past few weeks, I have enjoyed seeing my students in the gym; however, recently, following a remote lesson, I got a tour of two of my student’s home learning environment.  My heart filled with joy as they so excitedly walked around holding their computer so I could see everything in their space.  In Pre-Covid times, this would have been an alumni student Facetiming me to see their dorm room .  Wow, have times changed, but what remains the same; we will always be one of their biggest fans!  Go Jaguars!

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