Team Spotlight – Middle School Soccer

by Sara Holt

Our Middle School Jaguar Soccer Team is off to a great start! The coed team of athletes from 5th through 8th years have unified into one strong team.  The Jaguars are 3-2 after defeating Kipp Camino on Tuesday.

The daily trainings have prepared our Jaguars for the competition they face on the pitch.  Sessions are divided into four blocks (activities) that focus on a certain skill or concept for the athletes to master.  With each block, a new variable is added requiring additional problem-solving.  The final block of training is typically a scrimmage with sudden-death penalty kicks to wrap up.
We’re introducing soccer-specific language and tactical plans including multiple formations, positional requirements, and the necessity of team communication.  We’ve also had to learn and adjust to the dreaded, offsides!  With each game improvements have been made in finding the right passing lanes, making runs to goal, and shifting defensively.
We continue to be proud of each accomplishment the athletes make as individuals and as a collective.  Their respect and support for one another shines bright.  The athletes are amazing stewards of our community and we should all be proud they represent us as JAGUARS.

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